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Our History

Our History

Tractors for Our Daily Bread (TFODB), USA, was founded in 1991 by Chris Akhimien. Chris was raised in Nigeria, Africa, and educated in England and the United States. He has over 20 years experience in banking, real estate, and finance. Chris has served as a volunteer in most areas of his church in Delaware for the past eighteen years.

Our Current Projects and Priorities

In 2011 we re-focused the ministry of TFODB with new priorities. With a fresh start in this ministry initiated by God, our current projects are

  • Water wells – drilling wells to provide fresh drinking water to those who need it the most. We believe that no one on the planet earth should still be drinking runoff water when we have the technological know-how to prevent or eliminate the need for that.
  • Farm equipment – helping farmers adopt better farming techniques, making farming more efficient. We believe people should not still be farming with backbreaking hoes when we have the technology to alleviate that.
  • Medical supplies – alleviating human suffering and diseases. We believe people should not still be dying because of malnutrition when there are technologies to provide health and healing.

Chris states, “I recently visited Nigeria on a medical mission with about sixty medical personnel. We were shocked to see that the hospital we used as our base didn’t have an adequate water supply.” The World Health Organization (WHO) reports, “Water supplies are one of the fundamental requirements for human life. Without water, life cannot be sustained beyond a few days, and the lack of access to adequate water supplies leads to the spread of disease. Children bear the greatest health burden associated with poor water and sanitation. Diarrheal diseases attributed to poor water supply, sanitation and hygiene account for 1.73 million deaths each year and contribute over 54 million Disability Adjusted Life Years, a total equivalent to 3.7 percent of the global burden of disease.” (WHO, 2002)

This places diarrheal disease from unsafe water, sanitation, and poor hygiene as the sixth highest burden of disease on a global scale, a health burden that is largely preventable (WHO, 2002). Other diseases related to poor water, sanitation and hygiene include trachoma, ascariasis, trichuriasis, hookworm disease, malaria, and Japanese encephalitis, and contribute to an additional burden of disease (WHO, 2002). Our goal is to provide water wells for those who need them the most.

Our Ministry Highlights

Over the years, the ministry of TFODB has included these projects:

  • Funding a well to provide safe water to a community in Tanzania
  • Providing emergency corn to a flood area in Tanzania
  • Providing tuition for several children of lepers who cannot work
  • Providing a tractor to South Sudan
  • Funding for Valenova Foundation – The Lihami Study House and Library in Tanzania
  • Funding assistance to Africa University, Zimbabwe
  • Assisting start-up of TFODB, Canada, which is not affiliated with TFODB, USA
  • Providing thousands of dollars for the upkeep of tractor equipment provided

TFODB has provided over 35 tractors in the following locations:

Transformation Education in Sierra Leone

Fairfield Children’s Home, Zimbabwe

Huntington Christian Retreat, Zimbabwe

His Servants Ministries, Belize, Central America

Natural Products International, Thailand

Africa University, Zimbabwe (5 tractors)

Eden Children’s Village, Zimbabwe

Bump Ministries, Juarez, Mexico

Alpha Children’s Christian Home, Perry, Kansas

King Solomon Camp, Solomon, Kansas

Tomashinga Lutheran Christian Camp, Junction City, Kansas

Spanish American Evangelical Ministry, El Paso, Texas

Vida Nuevo Ministries, Padres Negras, Mexico (2 tractors)

Castillo Ministries, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Mark Northrop Ministries, Saltillo, Mexico

Skills Training Center, Zimbabwe (2 tractors)

Gifts for the Nations, Ghana